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/ 4.0 / 4.0 / untmp / DEVDIV_TFS / Dev10 / Releases / RTMRel / ndp / fx / src / DataEntity / System / Data / Map / ViewGeneration / Validation / ViewCellRelation.cs / 1305376 / ViewCellRelation.cs

//      Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation.  All rights reserved.
// @owner [....]
// @backupOwner [....] 

using System.Collections.Generic; 
using System.Data.Mapping.ViewGeneration.Structures;
using System.Text;
using System.Data.Common.Utils;

namespace System.Data.Mapping.ViewGeneration.Validation 
    /// Represents a relation signature that lists all projected 
    /// slots of two cell queries in a cell after projection. So if
    /// SPerson1.Disc is present in the cellquery (and part of the where
    /// clause) but not in the projected slots, it is missing from a ViewCellRelation
    internal class ViewCellRelation : CellRelation
        #region Constructor
        // effects: Creates a view cell relation for "cell" with the 
        // projected slots given by slots -- cellNumber is the number of the
        // cell for debugging purposes
        // Also creates the BasicCellRelations for the left and right cell queries
        internal ViewCellRelation(Cell cell, List slots, int cellNumber) 
            : base(cellNumber)
            m_cell = cell; 
            m_slots = slots;
            // We create the basiccellrelations  passing this to it so that we have 
            // a reference from the basiccellrelations to this
        #region Fields 
        private Cell m_cell; // The cell for which this relation exists
        private List m_slots; // Slots projected from both cell queries 

        #region Properties
        internal Cell Cell 
            get { return m_cell; } 

        #region Methods
        // requires: slot corresponds to a slot in the corresponding
        // BasicCellRelation 
        // effects: Given a slot in the corresponding basicCellRelation,
        // looks up the slot in this viewcellrelation and returns it. Returns 
        // null if it does not find the slot in the left or right side of the viewrelation 
        internal ViewCellSlot LookupViewSlot(MemberProjectedSlot slot)
            // CHANGE_[....]_IMPROVE: We could have a dictionary to speed this up
            foreach (ViewCellSlot viewSlot in m_slots)
                // If the left or right slots are equal, return the viewSlot 
                if (ProjectedSlot.EqualityComparer.Equals(slot, viewSlot.CSlot) ||
                    ProjectedSlot.EqualityComparer.Equals(slot, viewSlot.SSlot)) 
                    return viewSlot;
            return null;
        protected override int GetHash()
            // Note: Using CLR-Hashcode 
            return m_cell.GetHashCode();
            // We need not hash the slots, etc - cell should give us enough 
            // differentiation and land the relation into the same bucket

        internal override void ToCompactString(StringBuilder builder) 
            // StringUtil.ToSeparatedStringSorted(builder, m_slots, ", ");

// File provided for Reference Use Only by Microsoft Corporation (c) 2007.

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