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/ DotNET / DotNET / 8.0 / untmp / WIN_WINDOWS / lh_tools_devdiv_wpf / Windows / wcp / Base / MS / Internal / PriorityItem.cs / 1 / PriorityItem.cs

                            using System; 

namespace System.Windows.Threading
    internal class PriorityItem 
        public PriorityItem(T data) 
            _data = data;

        public T Data {get{return _data;}}
        public bool IsQueued { get { return _chain != null; } }
        // Note: not used
        // public DispatcherPriority Priority { get { return _chain.Priority; } } // NOTE: should be Priority 
        internal PriorityItem SequentialPrev {get{return _sequentialPrev;} set{_sequentialPrev=value;}}
        internal PriorityItem SequentialNext {get{return _sequentialNext;} set{_sequentialNext=value;}} 

        internal PriorityChain Chain {get{return _chain;} set{_chain=value;}}
        internal PriorityItem PriorityPrev {get{return _priorityPrev;} set{_priorityPrev=value;}}
        internal PriorityItem PriorityNext {get{return _priorityNext;} set{_priorityNext=value;}} 

        private T _data; 
        private PriorityItem _sequentialPrev;
        private PriorityItem _sequentialNext; 

        private PriorityChain _chain;
        private PriorityItem _priorityPrev;
        private PriorityItem _priorityNext; 

// File provided for Reference Use Only by Microsoft Corporation (c) 2007.
// Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

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